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Friday, March 27, 2009

wat m i thinking?

27 march,friday

Millions of thoughts are running in my mind today...not even in a state to configure them all one by one! there has been a tiff between me n my dad since a month and he isnt talkin to me since then.Donno wats wrong with me these days..m having fights wid every1,my guy,my family,friends,classmates,every1..even had a fight wid a stranger on the road yestday! God wats wrong wid me..wats happening with me! Exams on head,i cant concentrate on studies..just thinkin why me?? there have been so many problems in the last few days..i have lost confidence i myself..i used to thik m a gal wid great patince n great potential to succeed.but since a year everythings goin wrong..any dumbest guy/gal in my class has scored more than me..its not that i cant do it..but m not doin it!! m not giving my best shot..the only thought that watever i do,m noy gonna top it,refrains me from putting my effort! moreover,my emotional problems tops it all..all thanx to my guy..even a slightest fight ruins my mood n day..i keep on missing my sis who recently got married..me n my dad have never got along well..its just that their thoughts n mine never get along..he doesnt like the things that i love! My mom keeps on asking me to compromise..but i know if i wil do it,he will just blast me wid all his frustrtaion of a month..donno wat to do..feel like a loser..