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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A self composed poem..just for my love.

I know at tyms i have not been the best

And thr were tyms wen i failed ur tests..

There were days wen i was so alone

A couple of sad tyms

wid no1s fault but my own..

I wanna give u everything I can

Anything at all,

I wish I cud b thr to catch

Every tear that might fall..

I may not be the most beautiful lady u see,

But just 4 u,i m being the best i can be!!

I love u even more than u know

Please never leave me

u r in my heart,wherever i go..

Sweetheart pls hold me tight,

Encourage me that things wud b alrite..

That m not wrong 4 loving u,

A person wid whom i can c all my dreams come true..

Seasons will change,that much id true.

But somethings wont ever change..

Like the way i feel about u..

I want to b with u to hold ur hands,

to see ur smile

u are all that makes my life worthwhile!

I cant imagine my life without ur love

And even forever doesnt seem long eunf..

For all the pain i gave u,pls forgive me..

i m true to u n wil always be!

I wont ever forget

the happiness n care u give..

u're my life,my everything

u r the reason why i breathe..

You mean the world to me

Promise wid me,u'll always be..

You are my soul,my heart,

I will be with u,

Till death do us part..

love u...mwaah!


^_^ SENO ^_^ said...

awww beautiful dedication!! :)

very touching ... <3 <3 ...he is one lucky Guy!

IcE MaiDeN said...

awww...shoo sweeett...

Miss Cynical ღ Åйu ღ said...

I may not be the most beautiful lady u see,

But just 4 u,i m being the best i can be!!


Twisted Elegance.... said...

Yeah I second Miss Cynical

Those lines were so beautiful!

Apurva said...

awwww! it's really very sweet! :))